It hit me like a champagne cork to the chin – I don’t have any hobbies. Zip. Nada.


As a kid I loved Holly Hobby and I had loads of pastimes… stamp collecting, Girl Guides, netball, knitting, sticker collecting, playing piano, pen pals, cooking, paper mache and that old 70’s favourite Copper Art.. I even started my own detective agency and much later, I spent the majority of my time investigating boys – one of my favourite teenage hobbies.


Now as an adult with two teens and a step child, a newly domestic relationship and full time work, I’ve realised I’ve become too busy for hobbies. Apart from walking the dog I do literally nothing, you know, just for fun.

When did I stop being interesting? And interested?

Navigating through the last 6 months has seen me try to reinvent myself, start a new career and adjust to a new, blended family life. I’ve tried to say yes to new things, that’s how I ended up on the footy field, but my hobbies have been kids and work for so long.


So here are some hobbies I’m considering:


The trumpet. It’s an instrument I love listening to and my granddad used to play, maybe I should have a blow? That will really add a certain je ne sais quoi to the household dynamics. Not.



Squash – the sport not the vegetable. In the regional area that I live there is tragically only one remaining squash court, but I grew up near a squash precinct in the 80’s and I have a hankering to don the headband and hear the squeak underfoot.


Crochet. I actually thought about getting a How To Crochet book on the sale table at a bookstore a few weeks ago… it goes perfectly with my newly developing old-lady-dementia and we do need some new cushion covers in the loungeroom.


The list of hobbies that some of my friends have is intimidatingly diverse. Cross stitch, table tennis, lead light window making,…. What’s wrong with drinking wine and eating cheese? They’re hobbies aren’t they?


Leaving an intense career of 17 years has meant rediscovering who I am and what I’m passionate about….. and I’m on the hunt my next hobby.

Will it be trail bike riding, divining or Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga?

Watch this space.