A couple of weeks ago I decided that a great way to save money on Christmas pressies was to make some home made candles in old tea cups.


Unfortunately when I ordered from the online candle supplies shop, I got the wrong sized wicks and 5 litres of a liquid that I couldn’t identify, safe to say it wasn’t wax. So I called the shop to see how to exchange the gear and encountered a very quirky and chatty gent who said I should come and visit his shop and he’d help me get everything I needed, just an hour and halves drive away.


My great mate, Nell, came along and we soon found ourselves driving in the sunshine on a winding, country road whizzing past stalls selling fat peaches, free range eggs and horse poo.


I opened my maps app and plugged in the address… we had to cross the Hawkesbury river on a ferry and then head towards a place called,… that can’t be right…. yes it is….. um… ‘Fiddletown’?


The laughing started and didn’t stop as we sang a new version of Psuedo Echo’s most famous song… ‘won’t you take me to…. Fiddletown!’

Soon there were sound effects… and trust me you don’t want to hear them, but at this point we were channeling Chrissie Amphlet’s ‘I touch myself’…. So you can just imagine.


The shop was fantastic, the gent was very dedicated to his precision candle making and we must have spent over 40 minutes just smelling the fragrances. We did a very good job of not laughing as our enthusiastic candle man was telling us about the size of his wicks,… and eventually we walked out with a box of gear each.


After making our way back through Fiddletown trying, without luck, to find a sign to take a photo under, we ended up by the ferry having the crunchiest hot chips we’d had in a long time and a pink lemonade, before heading home.


In the end, the candles will turn out to be more expensive that the ones I could’ve bought in the shops, but I met a quirky candlestick maker, sang in the sun with a good friend and had a happy ending in Fiddletown which makes it all worthwhile.



*Hear a micro podcast of us on our road trip below.