The rain, she’s a’coming down hard this weekend and we’ve locked ourselves indoors to play.


Boofhead picked up a bag of Kaffir limes from a friend last weekend and after we’d lay in bed f-o-r h-o-u-r-s, ate, went back to bed, ate in bed, drank tea and finally surfaced for the day (all to the backdrop of howling wind and the first heavy rainfall in months), we decided to make lime pickle with our booty.


Outside was green, wet and luscious and inside we had The Avalanches playing and got busy with the incredibly strongly scented citrus.13393513_10154192631114763_1321455406_n


Kaffir lime trees are generally used for their leaves, but we wanted to find a recipe that used the pungent fruit, even though it was full of seeds.


We found a recipe, added some of our own touches (a piece of ginger and two long chilies roughly chopped) and now we just have to let it sit for a few weeks to ferment and soften before we throw it next to an Indian curry.


If you’ve got extra limes, or get a cheap scoop at the local fruito, this recipe will keep giving for months. A big green zing on a lush green weekend indoors.



North Indian Lime Pickle


(This recipe can be halved)13390828_10154192627769763_2132511095_n


16 limes, plus juice of 4 limes

½ cup salt

½ cup sugar (we used raw sugar, but you can use any natural or light brown sugar)

¼ cup cayenne powder

2 teaspoons turmeric

1 tablespoon garam masala

2 long chilies chopped roughly seeds included (optional)

4cm piece of ginger roughly chopped (optional)


Slice the limes into small pieces of about 2cms. Place everything except the lime juice in a bowl and mix well.

Put it all in a mason jar, or other sterilized jar with a tight lid. Pour over the lime juice, seal and shake.


Leave on the counter or window sill and shake every day making sure the juice gets mixed through,… do this for 6-8 weeks until the limes soften.