I’m a proud mum at the best of times but right now I feel like swinging a placenta like a lasso and yee hawing like a possessed banshee.


You see my 16 year old son did something that made pride burst out of me like one of those ‘sun-rays-bursting-through-the-clouds-alleluia-moments’ – while I sat calmly next to him.


He did it without me asking, without prompting or palava,… and I knew instantly, that whatever happened from here on in (slumping grades, broken hearts, sibling screaming matches…) he would be okay. I felt somehow safe that I have baked him into a good human. #cookedlikeamasterchef

All this he demonstrated in just a few seconds and with a very small gesture.


The Courtesy Wave.


We were in the car, him a new learner driver, tentatively crossing an intersection and me (let’s be frank here) completely fucking petrified.


Then it happened. A kindly driver let him slip in front crossing a T-intersection and up went his hand. It was his very first courtesy wave and it was delivered easily, swiftly and with sincerity.


I quietly wondered whether he’d waited years to do it,… whether he finally understood the need to acknowledge and reciprocate the kindness of fellow road users, or whether he’d just remembered my screeching, verbal distain aimed at the ‘non-wavers’ over the many years as my passenger.


Either way, as a driver of only 7 weeks, he nailed the most underrated and highly respected technique on the road.


Bravo son,… drive on.