Pink Fizzy Leaps of Faith

It hit me this weekend that the job I’ve done for most of my adult life is about to change, soon I won’t be talking on the radio,… I panicked.

So I rang my friend who has a thing for cocktails…
She arrived with a Ruby red grapefruit in her hand and several large duty free bottles of spirits. L-E-G-E-N-D.

We juiced and measured and shook it all up in a thermos* laughing and guessing measurements and tasting as we went.

We talked about work and about taking ‘leaps of faith’ in life. She was excited that the ‘old Mandy’ was coming back… replacing the zombie tired, forgetful friend that I’ve become. I’m excited about the future too,… scared but ready.

Petite Fleur

1 part grapefruit juice
2 parts Bacardi® white rum
1 part Cointreau® orange liqueur

We added a splash of soda water too but fizzy grapefruit juice would be lush too.

I highly recommend a good friend and a cocktail when taking faith filled life leaps.

*for moments when you realize you don’t have a cocktail shaker

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