I bought Boofhead a Christmas present that I wanted.


Now don’t be too hard on me, it wasn’t a pedicure for two or a gift card for a topless gardener,… it was two tickets to see Courtney Barnett at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney.


We love rock,… I love a rock chick and Courtney is a brilliant, funny mix of punk, rock, truth bombs and quirky life observations. How could you not love a woman who sings…


“Give me all your money, and I’ll make some origami honey

I think you’re a joke, but I don’t find you very funny”*


… AND wears a Torvill and Dean World Tour t-shirt on stage?


Living in a regional area means we have minimal choices for entertainment unless we travel, so we packed an overnight bag and headed to the big smoke ready to get our rock on.


Almost on cue, as we walked into Newtown (known for it’s less mainstream shops and arty residents), a unicyclist came barreling towards us,… heralding the quirkiness, the people watching and inner city bump n grind to come.

The rider was like a ringleader welcoming us to his lovely circus,… not long after we actually bought popcorn (the salty AND sweet kind,… the BEST of both worlds baby!).


A great way to people watch and one of the most pleasurable Sydney experiences is sitting in an old pub, that hasn’t been renovated. The ones with very old olive green or maroon, rectangular tiles on the façade and a huge horseshoe bar inside, filled with old world charm and a few old characters who look like part of the furniture.

The bar we walked into even had an old piano which looked like it hadn’t been played in 45 years and made a nice change from the tourist infested, slick establishments at home. So, first things first, a seat at the bar and a beer or three…


After a bite at a nearby Thai restaurant and a laugh with the French waiter,… we took our full bellies and substantial beer buzz and moseyed over the road to the theatre.


Now I should point out that it’s been about 20 years since I’ve been in a mosh pit but we moved up close to the stage, tightly packed in on all sides by an eclectic mix of folks (don’t you love that music brings different walks of life together). And with an incredibly small, overpriced drink in my hand, I was ready to move and sway,… and protect my face from flying elbows (one of the perils of being short).


And she didn’t disappoint.


We jumped and screamed, we trod on toes and had ours mangled in return. When Courtney and her bass player head banged, we threw our heads around too, hair getting progressively sweatier,… becoming one with the mass of heaving humans in a mutual love of her left-handed guitar brilliance.


If you ever get the chance, as Molly Meldrum would say,… ‘do yourself a favour’ and watch this powerhouse live.


We woke the next day, a little smudgy from the beers, but feeling like we’d been hit by a bus. Our toes were blistered and sore, there were aches on top of aches and we both did those groans that you do when you get to a certain age. Those groans that you don’t recognize as they come out of your mouth for the first time… that strike at any time,… like getting out of bed, trying to find a bowl deep in the back of the corner kitchen cupboard and scratching your own back with a fork.


Boofhead had one sore leg from a condition called ‘continual-same-leg-stomping’ and I used all my willpower to resist the urge to buy a neck brace from the discount chemist across the road.


We happily limped away from the circus, back to our quite life, reminiscing about music festivals and how hard we went when we were younger.

And I vowed next time I buy concert tickets as a present, I’m going to include some Dencorub and a pair of steel capped boots.


Long live rock n roll,… and of course unicyclists.



*Pedestrian At Best – Courtney Barnett – 2015