Boofhead is in the shed… his old shed. At his house. For one last night.

The great neverbeforeseen hailstorm of September 17 caused damaging flooding at his place and that means the MERGE has been fast tracked to tomorrow.


It’s my last night as a single-ish person. You know what I mean… now I’ve gotta share stuff, wash someone else’s undies etc.


Today whilst clearing out and packing up his pantry we found a jar of ‘iSnack 2.0’ – in it’s original jar, unopened with a used by date of 2010.

He thinks it’ll be worth a fortune one day because it’s now called ‘Cheesybite’.

It was a moment in supermarket history, consumer consternation, buyer backlash,… marketing genius.


Now our combined pantries are one giant’‘mega-pant’ (sounds like a fun night from the 70’s) … and we won’t need to buy ham flavoured baked beans for at least a decade. It’s overflowing and overwhelming in so many ways (I mean how many bottles of Barbeque Sauce did one person need?)


Speaking of sauce,…. Boofhead just texted me from the old shed… he’s in a beanie with a buzz lightyear head torch on his head. There’s not much in the old shed now, but I vaguely remember a quarter-filled old bottle of Wild Turkey. So it seems, he too, is reflecting on the old life,… to infinity and beyond babe.


One. More. Sleep. It’ll be the last good sleep for me…  not because of the mega pant times …. But because I’ve got to get used to a large, snoring male lying next to me all night.


And I can’t wait… I’m a happy little cheesybite.