About Mandy..

For as long as she can remember Mandy has entertained people.

As a kid she got pleasure from making her family laugh. At school, she was happiest reenacting scenes from Wonder Woman and The Goodies.

It was natural she should find a home on the radio, where she became a favourite with thousands.


Mandy moved from Adelaide to join Nova Entertainment in 2007 and although she was sad to say goodbye to the ‘non stop block o’ rock’ on Triple M, she thrived on the NSW Central Coast. A creative writer, morning announcer, voice over artist, drive show host and most famously, as a breakfast radio personality, anchor / panel op / tutu model.


After making the tough decision to take a break from the rigors of 4am starts to have some quality time with her children, Mandy has become a sought after speaker / MC and a P-plate interweb blogster.

In her downtime, she loves nothing more than a cup of tea and a good natter… put a wheel of cheese in front of her and she’s yours forever.


Mandy is particularly fond of embarrassing her teenage children, talking to strangers and cooking. There’s really not much she won’t have a crack at.


As a former director on the Board of Coast Shelter (homeless services) she strived to engage the community through social media and fundraising, now she is closely affiliated with Cancer Council NSW, Disability Rights and White Ribbon.


Mandy dabbles in Oztag (hamstrings permitting), art, floor dancing (don’t ask), gardening, vintage stuff and car maintenance.


She really is an all-rounder, which just happens to be how she also feels, after one of her wheels of cheese. Mmmmmmm